Why Are You a Music Teacher?

Why Do You Teach Music? What First Inspired You to Become A Music Teacher?

First, what is your music education philosophy?
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Second, does your philosophy include authentic, holistic, and inferential music learning?

What Is Your Music Education Philosophy?
Whether Or Not You Thought It Out, You ARE Living It!

Have you formed your own philosophy of music teaching? Whether or not you have thought about it, consciously or subconsciously, you ARE teaching your philosophy. It directs your every move, thought, motivation, and teacher competency. It also greatly affects the music outcome of every one of your students. Even when you have not consciously formed your own philosophy, ask anyone around you and they will clearly describe your's to you.

Go back to your basics. Something aesthetically inspired you to be drawn to teaching music. What was it? Is it part of your philosophy? Do you teach your students so they too may experience an aesthetic event? Are the following basic elements in your music education philosophy?

Your philosophy will shape the vision and focus of your entire music education teaching career and whether or not you will produce successful music students. Your philosophy is your "belief system" that you have about your students and operate over them. You should be able to perceive my philosophy of music education as you peruse this website. See also my Music Education Philosophy.

Are You Teaching Authentic, Holistic, Inferential Music Learning?
Why ARE You Teaching?

Authentic, Holistic, and Inferential should define your music teaching purposes and ultimate goal of music education, as well as any and all education. In music, this translates into improvising, composing, arranging, manipulating, creating, and composing. So let's reword the question Why Are You Teaching? into, "Are you teaching your students music knowledge, music skills, and music expression in simulated or real-life circumstances to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize to a high level of expertise?" If not, for what other reason are you teaching? If you students don't end up knowing how to perform music, enjoy to its fullest, create using all their perfected skills, and enter into its artistry, then why are you teaching? Music is a "doing" art!

There is much more to the Authentic, Holistic, and Inferential realm of music teaching and how to perfect it, than the above short introduction. Click Why Are You Teaching? for more indepth information.

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