Cochran Consort Video Excerpts

Cochran Consort Video Excerpts

Following are video excerpts of Cochran Consort performances.

Psalm 149 Canon

  • After students become skilled in performing all Music Concepts (steady beat, meter, rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, expression, etc.) through all Active Participations (listening, chanting, singing, moving, playing, etc.) and internalized these skills solidly, they have become independent musicians. In this excerpt, Grades 4 & 5 students sing in tune "a capella" in the Dorian mode. They maintain accurate intonation to transfer from singing in unison to playing on Orff instruments in 4-part canon. Through out the selection, they maintain accurate intonation and a steady tempo without being conducted by a teacher. They are given an intro and off they go on their own. The students are performing ensemble skills with independent musicianship. Click to view Psalm 149 Canon in Dorian Mode  (3:27 minutes).  (Consort, 1994)


  • Improvi-Cussion is comprised of two sections. Section A has 11 percussion parts that contrast each other rather than duplicate. When rhythms contrast rather than duplicate, they are known as "complementary." Section B features students improvising melodies accompanied by a cross-over bordun. All the students are well-skilled with improvising and only a few minutes before the performance did they know who was to improvise until it was announced to the audience. Click to view Improvi-Cussion with Melodic Improvisation  (5:27 minutes).  (Consort, 1995)

Christmas Eve at Macy's

  • Imagine waiting until Christmas eve to do your gift buying, and you have to take your kids with you! What problems might you experience? In section B, each of 4 groups had to take a problem, set it to text, and create a rhythm that is complementary to the other 3 rhythms. No group was allowed to have the same rhythm as another group in the same measure. Complementary means that each rhythm supplies where another lacks. In Professor McRae's original arrangement, a bulb horn is to be played randomly throughout section A to denote hectic traffic. (Christmas Eve at Macy's by Shirley McRae. Used by permission.) Click to view Christmas Eve at Macy's  (2:45 minutes).  (Consort, 1996)

Sorry, Wynton!

  • Wynton Marsalis has concertized in our city a number of times. So we performed a jazz piece in his honor featuring a trumpet solo (!?!). (Our jazz piece is written by Jack Neill, Certified Orff-Schulwerk Instructor.) We did our best (!?!) to emulate Wynton's virtuosity. But since we did not have a trumpet, we had to substitute with a bulb horn. Sorry, Wynton! (Used by permission.) Click to view Sorry, Wynton!  (2:49 minutes)  (Consort, 1996)

Homework Blues Rap

  • What do students think about having tons of homework? This selection features a text chanted in rap style by the students accompanied by movements of their choice. The contrasting section is a body percussion sequence using stamps, patschen (pats on thighs), claps, and snaps. (Text of Homework Blues Rap is written by Jack Neill. Used by permission.) Click to view Homework Blues Rap  (2:54 minutes).  (Consort, 1996)

Performance at State Capitol Rotunda

  • In my life-long search for my students' music learning limits, I only ever found my teaching limits. Whenever I resolved the deficiencies of my teaching limits, the students were always there with me. Ordinary music class students turn into extraordinary performers when the teacher guides them into high-level ensemble-listening skills, and then steps out of the way so they can excel past the teacher. Any great teacher knows that ultimate success is teaching oneself out of a job. Showcase your students wherever opportunities occur. Note, in this performance, their level of concentration and focus even in impossibly noisy surroundings. Click to view Music-In-Our-Schools Month Performance at Capitol Rotunda  (26:03 minutes).  (Consort, March 26, 1996)

1995-96 Cochran Consort

  • The first year a video was taken of the Consort and submitted for adjudication, we were invited to perform at the Orff Schulwerk National and the NAfME (MENC) All-Eastern Conferences. The students were proud of their musical accomplishments, as were their school and community. We were featured on the Arts page of the Gazette. We videoed every year (such as this one) and submitted it. Click to view Cochran Consort  (8:30 minutes).  (Consort, 1995-96)

1996-97 Cochran Consort

  • The Cochran Consort performed around our city and beyond over a number of years. At the grand opening of the Capitol Theater Arts Center, Antlers Club, Ross Club, Country Club, Holiday Inn, and Hillside Inn, to name a few. They also were selected to perform and provide conference sessions at our state PMEA Conferences. Parents were super proud of their children's accomplishments. With all of our music department focused on producing this level of music excellence, across our city it created its own advocacy. Click to view Cochran Consort  (9:21 minutes).  (Consort, 1996-97)
  • PS: If any former Cochran Consort students or parents have additional videos to post here, please contact me, Dr. David Knauss. Does anyone have a video of our Consort Reunion performance at WASD High School?

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