K-12 Music Education Teaching Examples

Music Education Video Excerpts

Following are teaching excerpts and performances of general music classes.

Grade 1 Music Class on FORM

  • The format of a Primary Grades K-2 music class is like a chart of three columns across of Three Lesson Parts (familiar-new-review) intersected with seven rows down of Active Particpations (listening, chanting/singing, moving, playing/performing, improvising/creating, reading/notating, and describing/evaluating) overlayed with a variety of Music Concepts (beats, meter, rhythm, tempo, pitches, register, direction, melody, harmony, modality, keyality, expression, dynamics, articulation, timbre, texture, style, form, and eras & composers). For a written lesson plan of the video excerpt, click Grade 1 Lesson Plan on FORM. Click to view a 22:12 minute excerpt of a Grade 1 Music Class on FORM.

Grade 3 Music Class on RHYTHM

  • In Intermediate Grades 3-5, the same basic lesson format as Grades K-2 is followed, except now the activities are more complex and longer than 5 minutes each. It may take 3 or more classes to complete all the chart items. Active Participation skills are developed into ensemble performance skills. Within this excerpt of a music class, beats, beat divisions, and beat subdivisions have been experienced from Aural-Oral-Kinesthetic (singing, chanting, clapping, moving) to Vocabulary (labeling with rhythm syllables) to Symbolic (reading rhythms in song in book & flash cards). Lastly, everything is transferred to playing and performing on instruments while singing and moving. Click to view a 14:32 minute excerpt of a Grade 3 Music Class on RHYTHM .

Grades 5 & 6 Performing General Music

  • Take ordinary general music students in Grades 4, 5, & 6 (this was the last year for 6th graders in elementary schools); teach them musical artistry, thorough music concepts understanding, high-level performance skills, and ensemble listening skills; dress them in the school's "Millionaire" colors; and arrange to exhibit their music through out the community. What happens? You have a public relations performance ensemble that showcases what the public usually never sees; i.e., classroom general music! Note that these students are unconducted. They are given a brief intro and then perform with 100% independent musicianship! They perform this same way in music classes during the school day. Click to view a 24:18 minute televised performance of Grades 5 & 6 Performing General Music . (Consort, 1994)

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