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General Music (also known as Classroom Music) is a regularly scheduled subject for many K-12 students across the USA. In some schools, budget constraints have caused music to be eliminated from the curriculum. This website has two purposes:
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(1) to educate the general music teacher in how to teach even the most difficult of music skills and concepts, and
(2) to educate the non-music teacher that music can still be taught in the absence of a musically trained professional.
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That either way, K-12 students continue to be beneficiaries of a music education, regardless of educationally short-sighted, monetary-based budget cuts.
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The Knauss Music Curriculum (KMC) can easily be taught if one knows (a) how to sing in tune, (b) how to perform a steady beat, (c) how to read treble clef melodies, and (d) how to accompany using simple chords on the piano or keyboard.
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In addition to these four simple skills, success with the KMC requires that the teacher listens carefully to the students for music inaccuracies, know how to correct them immediately, and be willing to be a well-planned and well-prepared teacher. Teaching is an art to be practiced the same as music itself.

With 3 music education degrees, Orff-Schulwerk Level III Certification and master classes beyond, NAfME (formerly MENC) Nationally Certified Master Music Educator, and four decades of experience teaching preschool through university graduate level, I can provide master art-of-teaching techniques completely free of new teacher trial-and-error. Easy-to-use teacher instructions with built-in quality assessments all command results.

This website "" features master music teacher "How-To's..." There are two menu tabs specifically devoted to teaching steps for various music skills that are 100% no-fail when followed precisely. The first menu tab, Basic Music Teaching, features many teaching procedures that music teachers need to master during their first five years of teaching. The second menu tab, Advanced Music Teaching, features how to lead students into more complex levels of inferential music, such as, improvisation, creating, composing, arranging, and manipulating.

This website's parallel site is for purchasing the Knauss Music Curriculum (KMC) in either hardcopy or electronic download. KMC is over 1,000 pages of K-12 general music curriculum, first drafted in 1973, that has been field-tested for four decades, and is under continual revision to keep it current with the latest music learning research and music education methods. KMC is built on a solid foundation of Contemporary USA Music Education History. Also featured are various supplementary books to enhance the core KMC curriculum.

KMC is a step-by-step master General Music Curriculum for your classroom or home school that has proven its effectiveness with all students from challenged to accelerated. Not only will your students develop internalized, independent musicianship, but they will gain a life-time love of music!

But don't just take my word on it. Please accept my invitation to preview and print excerpts of each book to try out on your students. Click Knauss Music Curriculum Overview and then click on a book thumbnail to access the free PDF excerpt.

David E. Knauss
Ph.D. in Music Education, Penn State University
Doc. Humane Letters, Honouris Causa

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